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The newly opened café at Promenade Greenhills caught my attention mainly by its name “Aquatica”. As you enter you will be surprised to see lighted aquariums integrated on the wall. The space is divided into two areas, a restaurant and a store on the other selling aquariums and fishes of the coolest colors and species.

The café’s interior is a cozy and warm with its cement finish and neutral color scheme. It may look like a typical café with its wooden furniture pieces but what’s interesting is, on every corner you will find a mini aquarium and be lured by the nice fishes. The interior somehow reflects a Scandinavian look for me with its use of its lounge chairs. The tables and booth area caught my eye as the surface top is finished off in tile finish. The tables are heavy due to the input of cement. The wall shelving on both sides is a creative way to display their café trophies. while the wall mural on the column is a fish reflecting their brand of aquatic. I liked the minimal usage of materials, such as the wood veneer, one wallpaper accent and painted walls. The food is good and reasonable as well, I will definitely come back for a bite.