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Ayala Museum – Inspire Everyday

Ayala Museum located at Makati, held its “Inspire everyday” campaign last Saturday, July 30. The museum opened its gallery to the public, reminding the guests to explore art and rediscover our history. As an art lover, I truly enjoyed this event as it is also my first time to view this museum. Having its free admission for the day, it drew a big crowd, we braved the line for an hour and a half outside, but the wait was definitely worth it. The event offered a photography talk from renowned photographer, BJ Pascual, which I was lucky to sneak a selfie with. While the event was ongoing there were also mini presentations such as ballet, and violin classical music by local performers.

Inside, there are 5 stories, the ground floor features a few paintings by famous Filipino painters and a retablo. The second floor is where I enjoyed so much, a section showcasing about 60 landmark scenes in Philippine history. You can even borrow an audio guide, while viewing each diorama. The details are so exquisite, it seems all of them are carefully handcrafted as posted on the pictures above. The 3rd floor’s gallery is an exhibition of Fernando Zobel and Juvenal Sanso’s works, also a few diary scenes of Japan’s contemporary printmaker Tetsuya Noda. The fourth floor is like walking through a treasure box with its different indigenous textiles. The sixth and last floor is the library for vintage memorabilia and thousands of filipiniana materials covering a wide range from maps, presidential papers and memoirs form World War II. The scale of the building is small making our tour short but pleasant. I am looking forward to discovering more local museums and participating to more events like this. #InspireEveryday