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Yaokana|Interior Designer


Interior Designer

Le Soleil Spa


Client: Le Soleil Palawan

Floor Area:  27 sqm

A proposal for Le Soleil Palawan – Spa. The floor plan is quite compact, making the areas more intimate. Once you enter a reception area is positioned, having a curtain partition to separate from the nails spa area. Wood slats are integrated between the two areas making the space aesthetically pleasing and at the same time serves as a divider. An accent wall is applied to emphasize the nails area from the passage area and a mirror is used to make the tiny space appear bigger. Shelving is applied in a simple playful look which also serves as storage for the nail polish materials making it also easier for guest to choose. The wall finish is in a plain cream color to make the spa look spacious. Massage beds area available to match the two lounge chairs from the nails area. Curtains are used as dividers to create privacy or connect the two rooms. A darker shade of wood is used for the storage and display shelving to create contrast with accent the stone finish. The Interior is mixed with a tropical twist with a vibrant color scheme to match the beachy setting.


Project done while connected with RMDA Architects.