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Park Centrale – Reception area


Park Centrale, located at Cebu I.T. Park is one of the chosen destinations for lifestyle and leisure. It is a community for local and global business. The office is located on the 18th floor.

The aim here was to achieve an area that has privacy yet connected to each space. The office layout is composed of wide clear glass partitions to give that sense of openness. The full glass partitions can take advantage of the natural light coming from the full glass windows.   Once you enter, you will be greeted by the reception area which conveniently leads to the boardroom for client guests. While the offices are located on the other side of the entrance so it will not be accessible by passersby.

The ceiling is finished off with acoustical ceiling boards to eliminate sound pollution. The style is in modern with a minimalist touch combined with a neutral color scheme. The walls are done in one shade of light veneer and light veneer while the flooring is carpet to eliminate sound with accent wood on the reception to highlight the area. The furniture contrasts a darker shade veneer, which gives the whole look a corporate atmosphere.  The overall aesthetic of the office is modern, and minimalist.


Project done while connected with RMDA Architects